Catalanhost offers high quality Services in Hosting Management and Global Domains Manegement. We offer dedicated servers, reseller services and e-commerce solutions for our customers. Our customers get high quality connections, hosting solutions tailored to your needs and great potential for growth and development. Catalanhost is synonymous with quality overall. Manage, configure and manage products designed to the highest level possible. Our products and services include:

Marketing Online


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are different strategies and techniques to ensure that Internet search engines index the web in one position and within their relevant category results page for certain key words and phrases search.

The organic or natural SEO is one of the most effective strategies in the medium and long term to attract potential customers from the Internet. The design of relevant content is one of the secrets.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are tools to help search engines to include sponsored ads in key positions within their listings. The cost is determined by the clicks made ??on the ad based on competition for a keyword at any given time.

The largest advertising program in the world is Google AdWords. Advertise quickly and easily with the ability to target potential customers when looking for products or services is the most impact on return on investment (ROI) real.

Social Networks

Potential clients, investors, buyers, … navigate through different social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Taking advantage of these platforms allows companies to be visible for a large number of users. The figure of the Community Manager for effective management of social media is a potential source of online business.

Shared Servers

Powerful web hosting, ideal for business websites and e-commerce. Exceptional service and support 7 days a week make it the first choice for many professionals in the web. Make us your first choice for hosting. Our services are stable powerful hosting packages are perfect for hosting small businesses for development projects and for personal use. All packages include everything you need to build a versatile and modern web professional.

Between rapid and reliable Windows or Unix

Choose from FreeBSD Unix or Windows Server 2003 for a result, stable hosting platform.

Exceptional Support when you need it

Our experts spend 24 hours, 7 days a week to help you solve problems.

Flexibility and email included

All packages include unlimited email addresses and spam protection and antivirus.

Upgradable and customizable

Customize your hosting package with additional features. Extra bandwidth available for web development projects.

Ideal for:

  • Small and new businesses
  • Design and Development
  • ECommerce, online business
  • Databases based on applications

Dedicated Servers

Tired of poor performance of your web hosting service? Catalanhost a dedicated server has all the potential that your website needs. With bandwidth and unlimited high-quality components. Your company has exceeded the current limit of accommodation? Want to install custom applications? Catalanhost a dedicated server has the power and flexibility your business needs.

Linux or Windows

Choose between Windows or Linux for a dedicated server.
Our servers using versions of these operating systems, so you can be sure that your applications work reliably.

Service Level

Each server is protected by Catalanhost an SLA that guarantees 100% uptime.

Home Access Level

With total access to the root level by the administrator can install the software you need.
We continue with the management of your server, offering security updates and patches for all programs.

Best Hardware

Catalanhost dedicated servers are manufactured by Dell, with Intel processors and high-quality components.
This means you get guaranteed reliability of hardware that has been tested in real conditions.

Unlimited bandwidth

Each server has unlimited bandwidth. When you run a command to our network, we are able to operate without artificial boundaries.

Exceptional customer service

We give all our customers every day of the year.

Reseller Accounts

Your business as a reseller Hosting. Build your own web hosting business. With a reseller account Reseller Catalanhost get unlimited web space, email and bandwidth, as well as full customization. You can slice your reseller account, but you like, creating your own web hosting business innovation. Build your business with service Reseller own. Packages tailored to meet your clients and sell with your own domain. We have accommodation for resellers to be confident. Reseller Hosting Catalanhost is recommended for:

  • New web hosting companies
  • Business Web Design
  • Designers and Developers
  • Employers and companies creating new

Managment Domains

The first step in the presence on the network is to register a domain name to manage through the tools of Companies Approved by ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Our Domain Partners are and Manage top-level domains.
.com for Comercial, .net for Internet, .org for Organizations such as Foundations, .mobi for mobile telephone companies or services for mobile, .tel for communication services via internet. , .me  to websites of Montenegro, .info for information, .biz per a business, .de forr Germany, for England, .eu for Europe, .asia for Asia, .us for the United States, .cn for China, .name names of people, .ag websites for Antigua and Barbuda, .bz websites for Belice, .hn websites for Honduras, .mn websites for Mongolia, .sc websites for Seychelles, .lc websites for Santa Lucía, .vc websites for San Vicente and the Granadinas, for personals websites in England and for business in England.
We manage the DNS servers be transferred to manage servers and domains of folders for clients. Any questions about domains can get in touch with our technical

E-Commerce Solutions

The safest way to secure your place. When running a website or online application review, trust and security are important. I can be even more vital when ‘exchange of sensitive information online – such as user names and passwords, email or financial information.
An SSL certificate can help keep information secure. It encrypts the data sent between your website visitors il’ordinador so can not be intercepted. And provides validation that it is you who says it is.
You can use SSL certificates with any domain name.

Courses and Training

Need to improve your knowledge of information technology and communications? The answer is to deliver the courses to our customers through continuous training of our team of Trainers and experienced in teaching and learning processes. The courses are aimed at Entrepreneurs, Marketing Directors, Commercial Directors, Emprenadors and people who need to refresh their knowledge on the Internet. We organize the courses in our facilities and our training to the client’s firm. The seminars are tailored to the schedules and courses go to the Group Companies. We organize the courses in our facilities and our training to the client’s firm.

Catalanhost collaborates with programmers, designers, webmasters and people with outside companies. If you expand your customer base, offer new online services you can get in contact

Catalanhost represents loyalty with services based on trust and results.
Our customers are an excellent demonstration of the performance of our solutions.
Catalanhost provides an excellent hosting site.

This connectivity can offer best price and highest quality to its customers.